How Chiropractic ADJUSTED my Life

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I have been working at Well Family Chiropractic with Dr. Lauren since March of last year. When I applied for this job it was because I needed a job and it seemed like a good fit, but it has become so much more for me. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my short 23 years.

I have learned so much about chiropractic (obviously), the nervous system, the human body, nutrition, how certain foods effect your immune system, and more about pregnancy and babies than I EVER thought I would know. In addition, I have met some of the greatest people and the best families, and I feel better than I’ve ever felt!

Kids Go to The Chiropractor?

My first question when I heard that Dr. Lauren was a pediatric chiropractor was “kids go to the chiropractor?!” I had no idea that was even “a thing.” Now I can’t stop telling everyone I know to bring their kids to Dr. Lauren because I have seen firsthand how chiropractic helps them. She has changed the lives of so many babies that are suffering and by doing that, the lives of their mothers and families as well.

I get to spend my work days hearing moms talk about how their babies are now so happy, growing, changing, and no longer suffering and how they’re so relieved and happy as well. I also spend probably 80% of my day chasing kids in circles playing tag, hiding behind curtains or walls until I get “seeked”, holding babies (until they decide they don’t like me and want mom to save them), coloring, making funny faces and noises, and learning new jokes. It’s like I’m five years old again and I LOVE IT. Sometimes I wonder how did I ever get so lucky that I get PAID for this?!? It’s the best.

I went through the same thing every patient does on their first appointment here. I got my x-rays and subluxation station scans done and I saw how completely stressed my back, neck, and nervous system were- which I already thought, but not to the extent that they really were. Between being in car accidents, playing a gazillion sports, and throwing my not-so-little cousins in the lake, it was almost easier to tell me what wasn’t wrong with me.

Dr. Lauren explained everything so clearly to me when we went over my reports. Everything made perfect sense. Why I was so stressed, why I couldn’t fall asleep, why I was getting shooting pains up my neck when I would turn it too fast, the list goes on. After only my first adjustment I felt so much better and I now get adjusted every week, sometimes twice a week because I’m the lucky one who gets to ask Dr. Lauren from the other room to adjust me instead of scheduling an appointment ?. I am now able to concentrate at both work and especially school, my memory has improved, I can fall asleep faster and sleep better, I’m sick less often, my back and neck feel like a million bucks, and I am clear headed.Anyways- I’m writing this blog for two main reasons:

First, to tell you how chiropractic care can seriously change your life, your baby’s life, your family’s life. I know so many people who take their kids to the doctor for the flat spots on their head, colic, reflux, asthma, and ESPECIALLY ADHD. Giving your children medication after medication or putting a helmet on their head will not get to the root cause of their problem the way chiropractic will. I feel like I could type about the benefits of chiropractic all day long, but for your sake I won’t.

Second, to express how much this place has changed my life. Besides all the benefits I have gotten from adjustments, I have met THE most amazing families and people. Also, Dr. Lauren introduced me to Orangetheory which I am now ADDICTED to, and I think more about what I put into my body (most of the time).

I honestly feel like a new person, all thanks to chiropractic care and the advice of my doctor (and friend) Dr. Lauren. ?

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