About Well Family Chiropractic

Your Mequon Chiropractor

At Well Family Chiropractic, your Mequon and North Shore chiropractor, our goal is to educate, empower, and adjust families toward a life of natural health through chiropractic care. Well Family Chiropractic offers pediatric, pregnancy, and family care to the surrounding communities.

Our Unique Approach  

Our office is focused on pediatrics, pregnancy, and family care. No other office in our community is set up in this way.  When Dr. Lauren first learned about chiropractic she was inspired to help people learn about the body's ability to heal itself and help them achieve their potential through specific chiropractic care. We utilize special technology to assess the function of the nervous system. At Well Family Chiropractic we strive to help people achieve their health goals and live their life functioning at 100%!

At Well Family Chiropractic we see patients of all ages, but have a special interest in improving the lives of children with pediatric chiropractic adjustments. We want to give the kids a healthy start in life. We love teaching our young patients the importance of wellness and the importance of regular chiropractic care and the role it plays in their health.

While we do see a lot of babies and kids, we see a lot of adults and full families too. Its important for kids to grow up healthy, but its never too late to get on the path to health as an adult either. We encourage you to give us a call with your questions or to schedule your first appointment. (262) 292-6262


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