Meet Dr. Hannah Schwartzer

Why Chiropractic

While at Madison College playing volleyball and basketball Dr. Hannah suffered a back injury that resulted in a fracture in the lower part of her spine. Throughout her time at Madison College and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee her back pain continued to get worse with little to no help from her doctors. Dr. Hannah knew there was more to offer than prescription pain medication and pain for her future. Dr. Hannah started looking into holistic health care options for herself and to continue on to graduate school.

Shortly after graduation she was out to lunch with her Dad discussing chiropractic and a local Chiropractor overheard her talking. He introduced himself and she later became his assistant. Dr. Hannah received her first adjustment and was no longer in pain. She was able to coach volleyball, hike and lift weights without the fear of her back pain. Dr. Hannah’s quality of life improved immensely, and it was working as a chiropractic assistant where Dr. Hannah’s passion began helping those create health and wellness through Chiropractic care. Dr. Hannah moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University.

Throughout her journey in Chiropractic school she found her passion caring for women and children having served on a mission trip to Haiti. It was in Haiti Dr. Hannah saw the gratitude of birthing women in the hospital and the joy of the children lining up after school to get adjusted. Dr. Hannah knew in this moment she wanted to work with pregnant women and children.

Dr Hannah at Well Family Chiropractic

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Hannah is Passionate about Perinatal Care for Families

Dr. Hannah has always known it was her life purpose to help people. It was when she discovered chiropractic that she knew how she was going to help those around her.

Dr. Hannah’s passion for pregnant women and children led her to become trained through BIRTHFIT, DONA-International as a Birth Doula and become certified in Webster’s Technique through the ICPA.

Dr. Hannah is continuing her post-grad education through the ICPA to better serve the pediatric population.

When Dr. Hannah is not serving families at Well Family Chiropractic you can find her at Devils Lake hiking, spending time by the water and enjoying her time back in the midwest with her friends and family.

What People Say

  • "Dr. Lauren is wonderful! After having a bad experience with another Chiropractor I was reluctant to try another one again. Dr. Lauren is super nice and really takes the time to explain things so you really understand. I was experiencing some issues with running and fitness. I chose Dr. Lauren because she also runs and really understands the athletic mechanics. I will definitely recommend her to others!"

    Stephanie S. via Facebook
  • "Cute, clean and comfortable office with super easy parking -- literally a few steps from my car to the door (a lifesaver when you have little ones). Dr. Lauren and her staff are so friendly, you instantly feel comfortable and like you've been a patient for years. My kids love getting adjusted like mommy does and this is the healthiest we've ever been - I literally can't remember the last time we were on an antibiotic."

    Tara B. via Facebook
  • "The BEST!!! I started seeing Dr. Lauren before I was pregnant, continued throughout my pregnancy, and now postpartum. She is super knowledgeable and works wonders! Great office and excellent care."

    Alicia M. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Lauren knows what she's doing! She kept me healthy and comfortable throughout my entire pregnancy. I slept so well after getting adjusted. She is also excellent with children. My daughter had constant fluid in her ears for two solid years. Three months after she started getting regular adjustments, the fluid was gone."

    Meg R. via Facebook
  • "I love Well Family Chiropractic! Dr. Lauren makes sure everyone is taken care of. She does not rush through my adjustment. She is so kind and helpful! I have had neck pain for years and she has helped relieve the pain. Dr. Lauren has also guided me to live a healthier lifestyle."

    Taylor S. via Facebook
  • "Dr Lauren has gotten me out of so many problems I could not even begin to list them. This place is beautiful with 5 star care and service. I highly recommend any one contemplating chiropractic care to call Well Family!"

    Nick W. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Lauren gives such personalized attention and care to each and everyone of her patients! She was a phenomenal resource throughout my pregnancy and made sure that baby and I were always in the best place possible."

    Krystine M. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Lauren was amazing! I couldn’t be happier with her services and treatment. After one adjustment I can notice a difference and I’m extremely exited to continue working with her. Highly recommended!!!"

    Jenn H. via Facebook
  • "Dr. Lauren is a life changer!!! She is most definitely the reason I got through my pregnancy! She has been treating me for almost a year now and she also treats my 3 month old son. She is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and goes way above and beyond! I don’t know what we would do without her! She is a great listener and there for any challenge we have, and is always searching for a solution if she doesn’t have an immediate answer. I appreciate her so much! Her front desk staff is also amazing and so helpful so make sure you call immediately and set up an appointment, you won’t regret it!"

    Chevelle M. via Google
  • "Dr. Lauren has been a blessing to our family. She was the first person to suspect a tongue and lip tie in my daughter when she was only a few weeks old. After her recommendation to see a specialist, we decided to go ahead and have the tongue tie revision performed. It was an emotionally difficult decision and Dr. Lauren provided a lot of support, even connecting me with a few other mamas who had been in similar circumstances. After the release, we continued to see Dr. Lauren for the recommended post chiropractic care and beyond. We noticed an immediate improvement in our baby girl - she began sleeping better and seemed more comfortable and less gassy. She also started nursing like a champ! In fact, she gained 10 ounces in one week following the procedure! Over time, her slight torticollis disappeared and she no longer favored turning her head to one side. I’m incredibly grateful to Dr. Lauren and highly recommend her as a chiropractor and trusted healthcare advisor. Thank you!!"

    Lora E. via Google
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